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The Best of Mid Ohio Reader's Choice Poll for the Best BBQ Ribs in 2011, 2012 & 2013

Our Specialty: Tender Pork Back Ribs


*Rib-Eye Steak


*The Combo

 Our Specialty: Tender Pork Back Ribs

Full-Order $19.99

Half-Order $16.99

 Enjoy one of our hand cut, never frozen Top Sirloin, New York Strip, Rib-Eye or Filet Mignon Steaks

 *Top Sirloin Steak

A sirloin steak smothered with sauteed mushrooms and onions,


 *New York Strip Steak

A tender and juicy 12 oz strip steak flame-broiled to your choice.


 *Rib-Eye Steak

A tender 12 oz rib-eye flame broiled to your choice.


 *Filet Mignon

An 8 oz tender filet wrapped with bacon and flame-broiled to you choice


 *The Combo

Can't decide try the following, an 8 oz Sirloin steak smothered with mushrooms and onions, with a third rack of back ribs


All dinners come with your choice of two sides.

Baked Potato

French Fries

Vegetable of the day

Macaroni and cheese

Tossed salad

Cole slaw

Cottage Cheese

New to our menu:

 Sweet Potato Fries

Let us know how you would like your hand cut steak cooked

 Rare-a cool red center

 Medium rare-a warm red center

Medium-Pink throughout with a warm center

Medium Well-slightly pink warm throughout

Well done-please allow 20 minutes